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    Excel Like PDF


      Hi, I am a total newbie to the LiveCycle Designer and after searching the forum, I couldn't really find the answer I was looking for. (The answer might in the forum, maybe I am searching with the wrong keywords)


      I am creating an customer order sheet with all the fancy drop downs to save input time. It's great compare to the excel file I created. But there is limitation for the pdf. I can only pre design how many rows on the table. So for example, I have 15 lines for prodcut input but if the customer order more than 15 lines I am snookered. Is there a way to create a pdf form with auto cell and page expansion?


      Very sorry if this sound silly...... (Please don't kick me out of this forum.)

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          GYKR Level 1

          Using ES4

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            Magus069 Level 4

            Hi, are you trying to base your PDF form on how many items you have in an excel file or just trying to find a way to let the user change the PDF as he needs it to be?

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              GYKR Level 1

              Thank you for your reply. I am trying to ind a way t let the user chage the PDF a he needs be.

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                Magus069 Level 4

                In your table you can add a column (preferably on the left side) and have a subform in that cell which contains 2 buttons:


                Button 1:

                //addInstance(1); add an instance at the end of the table



                //insertInstance(x); insert an instance at the index specified

                TableItems._Row1.insertInstance(this.parent.parent.index + 1);


                //or you can use the setInstances function which set the number of instances wanted by the user if you let him give an answer

                //You can ask a question to the user and expect an answer using xfa.host.response();

                var answer = parseInt(xfa.host.response("How many rows?"));

                if (answer > 0 || answer >= TableItems.occur.min){





                Button 2:

                //removeInstance(this.parent.parent.index);//remove an instance at the index specified


                To do so you must make sure that your table created has "Body Rows Vary Depending on Data"

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                  GYKR Level 1

                  Thank you Magus069,


                  I have created a table, in the second to last row, first cell from the left I created a subform. Within the subform is the + and - buttons. I have set the click property for each of the buttons but is not working I am not doing something right. Sorry..... total newbie, could you explain a little more in details please. Thank you very much!

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                    Magus069 Level 4

                    Hi GYKR, you must make sure that all the syntax_reference are according to your hierarchy


                    TableItems should be the name of your table and Row1 the name of the Row

                    you probably need to resolveNode to be able to access the item...

                    Could you take a screenshot of your hierarchy and send it here and show your code