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    Lightroom collection does not start syncing to creative cloud




      I just bought a subscription to Ligtroom an Photoshop creative cloud, and setup a Collection to be synced to creative clound and from there to the Mobile app.

      The problem is that syncing does not seem to start. "All synced photographs" remain at 0 and when checking on the web and iPad, no photos are available. Under Edit->Preferences->Lightroom Mobile it says Uploads :None.

      I have logged in with my Adobe Id via lightroom. If i try the creative cloud application i am able to transfer files so it does not seem to be firewall related.

      I also tried creating a collection in iPad with photos from the film roll, but it did not sync to the laptop version of lightroom.


      What can i do to fix this? I also tried Delete All Data under lightroom mobile, but it did not help.

      I'm running Win 7 and have lightroom 5.6 installed.