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    transfer to printer times out before complete how can I change it


      I want to print a contact sheet on a Canon Pixma Pro 10, as it is A3 I should be able to print a good number of images, when I tried the print driver cancels the print before Lightroom has completed processing the file, with a message in the log (Apple Mac) saying the file was cancelled as it contained no data. I can't see any way to increase the time before this happens in the print driver buffer, I have contacted Canon and they say it is a problem with Lightroom not them. I don't see that, I think it is problem is at the print driver rather than with Lightroom. Has anyone got any thought please, I know the easy answer is to print fewer images per page, but I would like to know if it is possible to adjust the print buffer waiting time for transfer of files. If I am right in what I think then it would also mean that if printing a large file sized single image you could get the same problem.