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    Adobe Presenter 9 quiz results reporting to LMS


      We have over 50 users of AP9, and currently use a Success Factors LMS. Our AP9 quiz results are currently reporting only the cut/mastery score to the LMS student transcript, not the actual score the student gets. Any ideas? I've read all the help and tutorial material and it does not address the actual score reporting anywhere. What are the correct quiz and Reporting options settings to get actual scores reported for a final quiz? We SCORM wrap v1.2. Our LMS suppport says it is pulling what AP9 sends- which is the cut score. When we test as a learner, we can get 100% but if the mastery score is set at 80% we see as a learner we acheived 100% but only 80% score goes to our transcript. Does AP 10 function differently in this aspect than AP 9?
      Thanks, Elizabeth