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    European serial number not valid in the USA


      Hello everybody!


      I had a licence for LR5 in Europe since february 2014, used it on my PC and now moved to the USA, buying a new PC.

      When a want to install LR5 on it, I have an error telling that the serial number is not valid.


      I contacted the direct service (by night here :p) and they gave me a procedure that could resolve my problem... BUT one link is always not found.


      Here is the procedure :


      Sebastien: 1) Go to this adress but dont download anything :

      Sebastien: http://adobe.ly/SayOKG

      Sebastien: 2) Kepp this window open a open a new one.

      Sebastien: 3) In this new one, go to :

      Sebastien: http://trials2.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/LTRM/5/win32/Lightroom_5_LS11..7z

      Sebastien: 4) A download start automatically, save it.

      .... (then many other steps)....



      The link   "http://trials2.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/LTRM/5/win32/Lightroom_5_LS11..7z" shows me always "file not found" it?


      Any idea to solve it?y many thanks in advance! I fear i should by a new serial number whose could not work too .....B