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    BM Desktop Video 10.1.4, unsupported frame sizes, and AE/PP CC 2014

    Graham Hutchins Level 1

      Yes! Blackmagic released an update to their Desktop Video drivers to allow SDI playback for unsupported frame sizes!


      Has anyone actually gotten this function to work?


      There's an option in the "Video Preview" preference in After Effects and the "Playback" preference in Premiere "For output of unsupported frame sizes".


      Neither "Center" nor "Scale to Fit" seem to affect anything as far as pushing a video image through my UltraStudio MiniMonitor to my FSI LM-2461 in either AE or PP CC 2014.


      I've restarted my machine and just now uninstalled and reinstalled the BM Desktop Video drivers.  I'm also speaking with BM support and I'm waiting to get a call back after the rep tests some things out with AE and Premiere.