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    looping songs

      Hi, does anyone know how to loop a song so that it plays over and over again between two markers but whenever you exit the last frame within the markers it stops? As this is for coursework I am not allowed to use the loop behaviour from the behaviour liberary.

      P.S. I already have the song within a sound channel, help would be much appreciated
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          Chunick Level 3
          if it's for course work then maybe you need to do some more work on your own and get it working or get some hints from the instructor... there's also a great resource at www.director-online.com and thru google groups at macromedia.director.lingo
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            midnight_cg Level 1
            As there can be up to 150 people in one lecture hall the instructor wouldn't be able to answer every student's emails (coursework completed over Easter) about specific aspects of director and has therefore provided us with the web addresses of some director forums as resources to enable us to complete the coursework. Hence, me using my initiative by asking the song looping question. Thanks for the link man,
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              Level 7
              Since it's for homework, I won't give you the answer unless you have
              more trouble with it. Here are some hints, though.

              1. Use puppetSound instead of placing the sound in a channel.
              2. Check for soundBusy in an exitFrame handler.

              This one is so easy you should be able to get it from that. If not,
              though, post back and we'll make sure this doesn't keep you from getting
              your assignment done on time.
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                Level 7
                Hey Midnight,

                Did you get it figured out?
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                  jclegs Level 1
                  Have been trying to do this too. Do I check if soundbusy in the frame script?

                  Sorry for hi-jacking the thread