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    ProSite problem

    Anastasia Lisich

      i have a creative cloud, but when i whant post my me offer to buy. what is the problem?

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          HI Anastasia - thanks for getting in touch. Which exact paid Creative Cloud plan do you have? We'll take a look, thanks!

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            Have the exact same problem, my plan is "Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition (one-year)".

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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Kitral - it's possible that your Behance account isn't connected to the same Adobe ID that is paying for your Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition. Is the Adobe ID that you use to login to Behance the same one that's connected to your Creative Cloud account? If not, you can fix this by visiting this page and selecting "use a different Adobe ID:" Behance


              Let me know how that works!

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                Hello, Sarah


                It seems I have the same problem as two people above.


                I am an eligible student of British Higher School of Art and Design and have been using

                "Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition" for two years up to now.


                The problem is that I have "Trial" as a status of ProSite in account information and it asks

                me to purchase other plans every time I try to publish anything.


                Can you clarify if I am eligible for ProSite feature ?

                My Adobe ID has been the same all the time I am using Behance, so I guess, no need to

                complicate it with trying a different login.


                As of now, I have cancelled my ProSite account and tried to re-signup, but still only "Trial"

                is shown in account status.


                Thanks in advance for any help.

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                  SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  Hello - please see the other thread where I've responded to you, thanks!