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    Re-write numerical page numbers to roman numerals for an introduction?


      Hi there everybody,


      I've been attempting (for some considerable time!) to typeset and format a book. The book needs to have roman numerals running from the first title page (which is in reality left blank through using a secondary master page without page numbers). However, I didn't realise I would need to use roman numerals in the introduction, and instead started the page numbers from the first title page of the introduction. Therefore, my pages that are numbered by roman numerals (copyright page etc) stop at this point and in the introduction become numbers.


      I need to change it so it is roman numerals up until the first page of the actual book, all through the introduction,  but when I try to change it in the Numbers and Sections tab, it tells me that i've already used the numbers i've typed in.


      Basically I would like to know how to take off the first set of roman numeral page numbers and start again??


      I'm very confused!! Help would be MUCH appreciated.