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    Working with Adobe products on a laptop


      Hi there everyone. This is my first time here in Adobe communities, I have been learning my way around Photoshop and a bit of Premiere Pro and I also plan on learning my way through After effects and Illustrator. But what I wish to know is if my laptop can handle it. I don't want to end up buying software I can't use on my machine.


      My laptop is a HP Probook 4440s with 3rd Gen i5, 8 gigs of RAM and Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. Can it handle After effects and Illustrator well enough? I can use Photoshop CS6 fine, though it lags a bit sometimes when I'm working on a lot of layers. Premiere Pro takes a lot of time rendering a video which makes me skeptical about how it would handle After Effects. How would the workflow be. I am fine with long rendering times. I just expect to work smoothly across the workflow for small projects.


      Any ideas and suggestions?

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          No, your laptop is far, far from ideal to run Premiere Pro and After Effects. You would probably be OK with Photoshop and Illustrator. You say you want "smooth" and while you can do that with a laptop that does not break the bank, your current HP is lacking in more area that one.


          Premiere Pro benefits from a strong NVidia graphics card (yours has HD4000 only), lots of cpu cores (i.e. quad core + hyperthreading support), and 16GB or RAM or more to get a quality editing experience for typical HVACHD media projects without having to pre-render everything on the timeline.


          If you really want to know how it would work on your HP, you can download and try the free for 30-days evaluation copy of CC 2014 applications and actually try it for yourself with your media and your workflow.


          Finally, the web site www.ppbm7.com is rich with information regarding what size of PC you need to what media and a whole lot more.