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    Upgrading from CF 5 to latest version


      We are looking to upgrade our existing CF server from CF5 to the latest version. I found some system requirements on the website, but I’m not sure of the version required and a few other things.


      Our current set up is as follows:

      •OS: Windows Server 2000 SP4

      •Processor: 2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon

      •RAM: 3.14 GB

      •C Drive: 10 GB

      •D Drive: 30 GB

      •CF Version: CF5


      The questions I have are:

      1.What version of CF would we need to run our application? We have CF installed on a DEV server and a PROD server (both with the same specs as mentioned above).

      2.What is the price of the suggested version?

      3.Are there version steps that we much take to upgrade to the latest version or should we just start with a fresh install of the newest version?

      4.Can support be provided to configure the new version on our new server once we get it installed? Is there a price or is it rolled into the version’s cost?


      Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.