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    Save files as PNG to original folder, using droplets in Photoshop CC 2014

    delaDB Level 1

      I want to save RAW images from Lightroom as PNG and found a method online that involves using a droplet in PS. I created this droplet with an action in PS that involves saving an image file as a PNG, to a folder which I call 'PNG files'. To get a PNG file the procedure goes like this:

      From Lightroom the image is saved as a TIFF in a new folder within it's original folder

      After saving the image, the droplet is used automatically from Lightroom;

      The TIFF image is opened in Photoshop, and saved as a PNG in the 'PNG files' folder


      My issues with this is that (1) it creates an unneeded TIFF file and (2) The final PNG image is not saved in the folder of the original RAW file. Ideally I'd like to convert the TIFF to PNG in Photoshop and overwrite the TIFF file with the final PNG file. However with the way Photoshop "Save As" and "Save for Web" functions are set up, I must choose a specific folder for the PNG file, which means that all the resulting images end up in one folder, instead of in whichever folder the TIFF file was saved to. With droplets there is an option to "Save and Close" which would overwrite the original TIFF file with the final file. However this bypasses the action where I saved the image as a PNG, so I'd essentially be overwriting one TIFF file with another TIFF file.


      The situation now is that for the sake of organization I'd have to (1) delete the TIFF files after each export and (2) Move the final PNG files to the folders I want them to be in. This of course would be time consuming.


      If you could help me with this problem I'd be extremely grateful! With the medium I'm using PNG files display much better than JPG. Now I just want to achieve a smooth workflow.