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    Use PE Organizer or Lightroom to Catalog Videos + Storage Questions

    Ralph McMurphy

      Hello everyone. I'm re-entering the video arena after several years and have purchased a new entry level HD camcorder and plan on using Premier Elements for editing home videos. Nothing professional, just home movies, youth sports, stuff like that.

      I have been an avid stills photographer however and have defined a workflow that I'm comfortable with. With stills - usually RAW files, I import them to an external hard drive first, import them into Lightroom, then proceed to catalog and keyword them appropriately.


      Question 1: I know my way around Lightroom and it does allow for the cataloging and keywording of video files. I see that PE 12 has an organizer built into the program. Is there any advantage of me using PE's Organizer over Lightroom? They are all Adobe products, I'm just wondering if there is some sort of integration between PE's Organizer and Editor that will buy me an easier workflow or not. Otherwise I'll just use Lightroom.

      Question 2: So a few years back I was taking videos with a DV camcorder, importing the video, editing it, burning a DVD, then deleting the source files AND the finished product that was burned to the DVD. I was certainly a novice and as I became more involved with photography and the technology itself, I came to realize that blowing away the finished product and relying on DVDs as storage was a bad idea. This means for those yesteryear videos I took I must hope a) that the discs never go "bad", which I know now they won't last forever, and b) that I must keep at least some machine around in the next decades that can play these discs. Yes, Blu-Ray players are backward compatible, but who knows in 20 years, right? At some point I'll try and look into capturing those DVDs back to a digital file, but that's besides the point. So I know I do not want to rely on DVDs as a "preservation" or archiving method for finished produced videos. The raw source files I'm not too worried about. I'll keep them around on an external drive and burn them to DVD-R, and worse case I'll have to roll them off the external drive if I run out of space and cannot afford a new drive right away. So my question is: a) what is the best format to store the finished video so that I am not reliant on DVDs as my primary preservation method and b) a format that I can use to re-burn a DVD or Blu-Ray disc later should I need to make additional copies and the original DVD/Blu-Ray disc is no longer available for a straight copy? The "b" portion of this question is of key importance to me right now because while I have a decent Blu-Ray player, I do not have the capabilities to burn a Blu-Ray (or even a DVD for that matter). I plan on getting a Blu-Ray burner within the next 6 months, but until then I will need to create finished videos that will eventually be turned into DVDs/Blu-Rays. What format could I store the finished product in so that I can go back and easily burn video to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc later? I would think the format would be very specific for Blu-Ray burning later especially.


      Sorry for the long post. I tried to keep it as short as possible.

      Have a great weekend!



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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Ralph McMurphy


          Abbreviated version for now...


          Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are standalone products which each come with an Elements Organizer. When the same version of these programs are on the same computer, they share the same Elements Organizer catalog. What are you using as your photo editor?


          Are you into preserving the project's disc menus as well as well as the edited Timeline content?



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            Ralph McMurphy Level 1

            A.T., I'm open to any suggestions. Assuming I can go back into the project later and add a menu, no, I don't need to preserve menus.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Ralph McMurphy


              It is late where I am, so I will comment first thing in the morning to give the reply full focus.


              Are you using Photoshop Elements to edit your photos? I ask that to get perspective on Elements Organizer already in use in conjunction with Lightroom for your photo work. Do you have any version of Premiere Elements at this time? Premiere Elements 12 is the current version, but, if history repeats itself, Adobe should be releasing a new version at the end of September 2014. No one but Adobe knows what the new features will be. And, details of the new version are not made public until the moment of release of the new version.


              To be continued.


              Thanks for the follow up.



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                Ralph McMurphy Level 1

                A.T., I usually shoot Nikon RAW and develop the photos in Lightroom 5. Typically Lightroom can provide the tweaks I need. However, if I need to do something that I'm more comfortable doing in Photoshop Elements I usually do it there (version 9), or if I want to create an image with layers.


                I appreciate the heads up on v13 coming out soon. I will certainly keep my eye open.


                Thank you!


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Ralph McMurphy


                  Thanks for the follow ups. Sorry for the delayed response. Was thinking about your questions but got detoured several times.


                  Let us start with archiving....I do not know that there is a perfect solution with changing times et al.


                  1. Project Archiving would appear at face value to be a good choice

                  a. preserves your source media that the project file needs to trace back to

                  b. preserves the project file with all its edits so that your re-entry into the project will allow you further edits and/or alternative

                  export choices.

                  c. there is a concern about disc menus in archived projects but you say that the disc menu aspect of the matter is not important to you

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Archiving Projects With Disc Menus

                  My main problem with Project Archiver is that you are dependent on being able to open the archived project file in the same version in which it was

                  created or a later version...the later the version, the more the concern.


                  2. When it comes to burn tos DVD, AVCHD, or Blu-ray....VIDEO_TS, BDMV, BDMV & Blu-ray disc image....

                  a. The best of all worlds might be accomplished by saving the VIDEO_TS Folder from a burn to folder for DVD and saving the BDMV from a burn to folder for AVCHD. There is no Premiere Elements burn to folder for Blu-ray. Depending on the version of Premiere Elements and the computer operating system, you could try for a burn to Blu-ray disc image with Phantom Burner in conjunction with Premiere Elements.

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Disc Image/Phantom Burner & PE

                  I would probably have more confidence on finding a program now or in the future - ImgBurn, Nero...to be available to take the VIDEO_TS, BDMV, or Blu-ray disc image to disc. You might even consider a burn to Blu-ray, followed by copying the BDMV Folder from it for archiving purposes. The video files from VIDEO_TS and BDMV are easily extracted.


                  3. If preserving the edited Timeline is the target, then SD project I would probably go with DV AVI standard or widescreen, if HD, probably an AVCHD.mp4 or AVCHD.m2t.


                  If Premiere Elements versions got stronger on disc image, I suspect I would go that route to preserve a project. Right now, I am doing a mix of all of the above.


                  As for Lightroom, Elements Organizer, and Premiere Elements. I am not a great fan of Lightroom. Neither am I have heavy user of Elements Organizer. However, I have looked a some Lightroom tryouts along the way to see what it is all about.

                  1. With regard to your use of Photoshop Elements 9 plus Lightroom, that seems consistent with the workflows suggested by others and the gains to be gotten in using the best attributes of each.

                  Integrate Lightroom with Elements – Photoshop Elements User

                  You would probably get greater advantage using the same version of Elements Organizer as Photoshop Elements for the sake of integration.

                  Just in case note....Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements are standalone programs, each coming with its own Elements Organizer. When Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements same versions are on the same computer they share the same Elements Organizer catalog..


                  2. For me, Lightroom and Premiere Elements, unlike Photoshop Elements, and video never seemed to integrate well.

                  The following is a link to some work I did with LIghtroom when I was at a forum that I no longer visit

                  Lightroom 4.1 Slideshow Module Visited - Elements Village

                  From my perspective, Premiere Elements integration with Elements Organizer and Photoshop Elements gives me a workflow that meets my needs.

                  My camera does not record raw image format. But, if I have Camera Raw installed on my computer with Premiere Elements, I can import raw image format and dng as source media into a Premiere Elements project. For edit of the raw image format, I need the Camera Raw dialog which requires the presence of Photoshop Elements which I have.


                  Please review and consider the above and then let me know if I have targeted your question.


                  Thank you.



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                    Ralph McMurphy Level 1



                    Thank you for downloading your brain into your last post. It is indeed helpful and has given me cause to pause and reflect on some very important things.


                    Your thoughts are always well thought out and honest and I am able to benefit from your wisdom this time.

                    Thanks again!

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      Ralph McMurphy


                      Thanks for reviewing and considering my comments on your questions.


                      We are glad to learn that you found them helpful.


                      Best wishes