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    problem with hyperlink in inDesign cc 2014



      i hope someone can help me...

      when i convert my inDesign document to ePub 3 format, the hyperlink inserted in the document

      appear correctly in underlined blue, mais i can t click on them, they don t work at all... i use

      iBook as ePub reader or a iPad, it s the same problem...

      thanks a lot if you know how to fix this problem



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've moved your question to the InDesign EPUB forum.


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          Is your EPUB 3 file set for Reflowable EPUB or Fixed Layout EPUB? I suspect the latter.


          If so, you've run into a current limitation of EPUB 3 Fixed Layout. It doesn't yet support text hyperlinks. Only object hyperlinks. This will probably be fixed in the next InDesign CC 2014 update.


          Anne-Marie Conception suggested a workaround (probably a bit of a pain). You can create a graphic frame and place a picture in it (required). Then set the opacity of the picture to 0%. Place the graphic frame on a separate layer above the text you want to link. Create a hyperlink to that frame. She mentioned this in the most recent podcast on www.indesignsecrets.com.

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            alain-fr Level 1

            yes it s Fixed Layout EPUB...

            thanks a lot for the answer, i understand now .