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    Error opening fla file.




      I am a relative newcomer to the world of Flash, so I apologize if this issue is a bit mindless for the veterans.


      I am working with Flash CS6 on a Macbook Pro and recently encountered a problem when trying to open a file. An error message pops up, saying 'there was an error opening the file...'. No further details are available.


      Looking at the file information, there is still data there, as the size is about 300MB.


      I've tried some amateur sleuthing online for a solution, mostly involving changing the .fla extentsion to .rar and repairing the file that way, but nothing I have tried has resolved the issue.


      Am I essentially out of luck, or is there a reliable solution for this kind of problem?


      Thanks for any help!


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can also try changing the file extension of a copy of that fla to a zip and unzipping.  you may be able to recover many of the assets used to build the fla.


          you can also decompile a working swf (if you have one).

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            fillyrboots Level 1

            Wow, thanks for such a quick reply, kglad.


            I had actually previously zipped and unzipped the file and ended up with a folder full of stuff that I didn't know what to do with. Again, this is where my amateur understanding comes into play.


            In the unzipped folder, there are 'bin', 'library' and 'meta-inf' folders, as well as a 'DOMDocument.xml' file, a 'MobileSettings.xml' file, a 'PublishSettings.xml' file and finally a file called 'mimetype'.


            Should I be encouraged by this?


            I'm pretty clueless at this point about how I might proceed from here. I see that the 'library' folder contains all the sound files for the project (it's a soundboard), but is there a way to go from this point to recovering the project as it was before this issue came up? Or am I stuck with starting the project all over gain?


            Thanks again for the help!

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              yes, that's encouraging.


              you should be able to recover all the graphics.  you won't recover any actionscript and you want be able to see how the graphics are used to create the fla.  but if you know what the end product is supposed to look like, having all the graphics can be a significant time saver.

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                fillyrboots Level 1

                Again, your prompt replies are a lifesaver, kglad!


                I do hate to be such a dunce, but what should I be doing at this point? I have the unzipped folder which contains the folders/files I described above. How would I get from there to a working version of the project again?

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  after extracting, look for an xfl file.  it should be the same name as the fla file.


                  right click that file and open with flash pro.  keep your fingers crossed that it opens.

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                    fillyrboots Level 1

                    Well, it looks like my luck has run out at this point.


                    No sign of the xfl file.


                    This whole issue started when Flash hung up and I had to force quit the program. I thought the program was usually able to recover files in such instances, but that doesn't look to be the case here.

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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      it's not rare for flash to crap out especially if you do things like 'distribute to layers' or copy library assets from one fla to another.  just today i had such a problem.


                      but i long ago learned to save fla files with version numbers attached so a corrupted whatever_36.fla will have no impact on whatever_35.fla.  at the first sign of trouble (like today's slowing), i trash the current fla and return to the previous version and work forward.  problem averted and almost no time lost.


                      i know that doesn't help you today (but it's a good habit).  anway, do you have a working swf?

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