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    Plug-in removed on relaunch when it was added from an external hard drive.


      When adding a plug-in (from an external hard drive) to Lightroom using the Plug-in Manager, Lightroom accepts the plug-in and it is usable while Lightroom is open, but the plug-in is no longer available once Lightroom is restarted.


      Steps to reproduce:


      From the Lightroom Plug-in Manager, click add in the lower left-hand corner.

      Add a plugin that resides on an external hard drive.

      Restart Lightroom.

      Open the Plug-in Manager.

      See that the plugin is no longer present


      Expected results:

      The plugin should remain valid and activated or the user should be notified.

      Note that it does not matter if the plugin resides in the same place as the Lightroom catalog, it will not reload when Lightroom is restarted.