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    Changing all fonts on a slide

      I have slides with multiple text captions and other text on them and I want to change the font of all of them at one time. I have tried selected all of the objects, but if I do this and then click only one, change the font, select Apply to All, or Apply to All Slides, it only changes the one I opened, not all of the other objects.

      Without creating a template, can I say I want all slides in a particular project to use a particular font? Or create any sort of styles, such as Heading and Body and designate a default font?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          HI MMDeaton

          I surmise you are using Captivate 2, as you are referring to new options with respect to the Apply to all > Settings button.

          There is a condition where the font will not change using this method. Let's assume you have inserted a caption and configured the font. You click OK and the caption is placed on the slide. You then suddenly realize that you failed to apply the new font choice to all the other captions in your project. So you double-click the caption, click to set the Apply to all and click the Settings button. You then select to apply only the "Changed" properties (because the font was the only thing you wanted changed) and click OK. But nothing changes. And it's because after you double-clicked the caption, you really didn't change the font.

          Note that one option exists here that you can use but you should know about its ramifications. When you click the Apply to all > Settings button, there is an option labeled "Apply all properties". Have you tried this option? If not, give it a try. But you need to be aware that it will also typically size and position all captions to reflect the one you are editing.

          Cheers... Rick