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    Last Frame of GIF Blank


      I loaded a GIF into Photoshop CS6, hoping to add two lines of text.   Each line of text becomes a separate layer, so I end up with two text layers at the top of the set of frames in the GIF, both selected.    Unfortunately, after adding a second layer of text, when I go to Save for Web, the final frame of the animation now shows a BLANK screen (grey and white checkered pattern).    What causes this to happen, and how do I correct it?    As long as I only have one layer of text, this extra blank frame never appears and the animation gets the text line correctly.

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          Related to this question:  when we save a GIF using "Save for Web", are we supposed to select more than just the first frame and the text layers?    In my case, the very last frame of the animation is being created as a blank frame in the Timeline and I don't understand why.   Would it be some attribute of the frame?  How do I check that setting?