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    Still getting errors when I try to render


      I've been working on a title and last week when i went to render

      I got an error message  saying:

      "After Effects error: crash occurred while invoking effect plug-in "Shatter".

      then followed by a second message

      "After Effects error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was <6492> <getdepthpinflags> <5> 32:32 bit

      and finally

      "After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed. See http://www.adobe.com/support/products/aftereffects.html for known issues. If you still can't resolve this issue, please contact Adobe Technical Support (2).

      it then asks me to save and crashes.

      it also crashes when i go to Ram preview

      I posted a question online as to what I need to do to fix it and was told my lack of RAM was the problem as I had 4GB, I've now bought 16GB and still am having this problem.

      Do I have to do something on After effects to get the RAM working right now? or do I need to buy something else??


      I have 16 GB of  ram

      I'm using windows 7

      After effects CS5.5

      The project is 1280-720 size, HDTV 720 29.97, 6 seconds long. The footage is a title with effects

      heres a link to the rest of the specifications for my computer: HP Support document - HP Support Center




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Here is what you should do to trouble shoot your problem.

          1. Open up the composition that is giving you problems
          2. Your error message tells you that you are having problems with the Shatter effect so select the layer with the shatter effect and turn the effect off
          3. Try a ram preview
          4. If the ram preview is successful add a solid to your comp
          5. Copy your shatter effect and paste it to the new solid you created
          6. Turn off all other layers
          7. Try a ram preview
          8. If the ram preview crashes go back to step 6 and reset shatter and try again
          9. If the ram preview is successful start adding the properties from your original shatter effect until you get a crash.
          10. If the ram preview works the first time you try step 6 then there is something wrong with the combination of shatter and the original layer it was applied to so remove shatter from that layer, pre-compose that layer moving all attributes to the new layer then paste the working shatter from the solid to the pre-comp, turn off the solid and try another ram preview.

          Do you kind of get the procedure here. When something is causing a crash first isolate that problem, try it on something simple, then try different things until you can reproduce the crash. Make sure you are saving copies of your project so you can easily go back.


          If you can't figure out what settings in Shatter are causing the crash then we need to know everything there is to know about your composition and see a screenshot or the project file. If it is the footage that is causing the crash then you need to transcode, recompress, or in some other way change the format of the footage. There is nothing we can surmise from the details you have given us that give us any clue why shatter is crashing. It usually does not. I can't think of the last time it caused a crash for me. The only possible thing I can think of that would be causing a crash is that the number of particles is causing your system to run out of memory.