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    2 seperate sounds

      yes i have 2 sounds

      one is the main sound for my site and second is i am loading in seperate intro i did under the intro button

      i have designed 5 buttons for the menu

      intro, about, service, products, contact
      when user clicks on the intro button they can watch the intro video in the window on the main page
      i just want to turn off the main sound just for that section of the timeline
      then when they clik on the other buttons/menu's of the site the main sound is resumed

      i tried using this code
      when user clicks on the intro button

      on (release)
      _root.soundstatus = "off";

      but when the intro.swf loads its sound is also off??

      could it be the _root.soundstatus

      cause thats what the code in the template is using
      or should i somehow
      give it different name?