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    [Help]  Component in datagrid

      I wanna put button object in odd rows in the datagrid, and put checkbox object in even rows .
      How can i do this?
      I can now only use ItemRender property to put objects in all rows in a column in the datagrid~~

      thx a lot~
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          peterent Level 2
          You have to use a single itemRenderer. You should create BOTH a Button and a CheckBox and make them both have visible="false". Override the itemRenderer's updateDisplayList function and test the itemRenderer's listData.rowIndex property and use it to determine which component to hide and which to show.

          The reason you want both is that itemRenderers are re-used when you scroll. A renderer might be for an odd-row, then when you scroll it might be for an even row. Scroll enough and all of the itemRenderers will be used for both odd and even rows so you'll need to have bother child components ready. It is faster to create both up front and hide and show them as necessary than it would be to create and destroy them or even add and remove them.

          Note: if your itemRenderer does not have a listData property, then implement the IDropInListItemRenderer interface (see the documentation for an example).
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            newhander Level 1
            Thanks a lot,peter ~!