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    Can I edit footage recorded in 1080p24 with 5.1ch surround audio using Premiere Elements 12? I'm only seeing stereo audio...


      Hi all,


      Quick one - I've recorded footage using a Sony HDR-PJ810 in 1080p24 with 5.1ch surround audio (currently experimenting with different frame rates, resolutions and audio).  If I import this into a 1080p24 preset in Premiere Elements 12 then I see only stereo audio with no obvious way to add a 5.1 channel.


      If I import this into a 5.1ch surround preset (like 1080i 30 5.1) then I can see the audio across 6 channels but it's obviously having to unevenly spread 24 frames across 30 spaces in order to match the frame rates (skipping some of the slots which I suspect will cause playback artifacts).


      Is there any way to get a 5.1ch surround audio track within a 1080p24 project? (I don't see it as a preset). Thanks!