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    Reproducable Scrollbar Bug. please confirm?

    Carpii Level 1
      Please can someone confirm they can reproduce behaviour?
      I just wasted 2 hours trying to figure it out and Im 99% sure its a bug.

      Add a VScrollBar
      Set minScrollPosition to 0, maxScrollPosition to 100

      now at runtime, update the 4 properties of the scroller as follows....

      scroller.pageSize = 400;
      scroller.minScrollPosition = 0;
      scroller.maxScrollPosition = 400;
      scroller.pageScrollSize = 200;

      At this point, dragging the thumb tab of the scroller will NOT update the scrollPos correctly, nor will the scrollEvent be correct. It behaves as if Scrollposmax is still 100.
      If you click the scrollbar client area, or use the arrows, it works fine. But dragging the thumbtab does not.

      Now get rid of the 4 updates, and simply use
      scroller.setScrollProperties(400, 0, 400, 200)

      You can see this is instantly different because the thumb tab changes in height. dragging this works as expected

      Very frustrating. Maybe there was a method I should have called after updating the 4 properties, but if so the docs made no mention of it.
      Its a bug as far as Im concerned.

      Does anyone agree?

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          I haven't tried to reproduce your results, but maybe you need to call invalidateDisplayList() on the item after you update those properties. That should make the necessary call to setScrollProperties() for you.

          I don't know about the status of this as a bug - quoth the documentation - "In general, setting a property on a component automatically calls the appropriate invalidation method" - although that brings up the question of what kind of scope the word "general" entails.