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    Lightroom export issue


      I usually export my photos to jpgs into a subfolder under the original folder where the raws are.
      To do this, I choose "Same folder as original photo", "Put in subfolder" and "Add to this catalog".

      It always worked fine, but today I discovered that Lightroom is creating two copies of the jpg;

      one inside the subfolder, as I want it, and one besides the raw file, in the original folder.

      The funny thing is that when I go to see the original folder which contains the raw files from Windows,

      the unwanted "copy" is not there. It's just in the catalog.
      And, even worse, when I erase one of the two jpgs from Lightroom (no matter which one), the other one is erased too.


      I'm using Lightroom 5.6 on Windows 8.1.


      Thank you