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    Need help putting Photoshop CS6 on new device (without the CD)


      So I just recently purchased a new Windows Surface Pro 3 which I've been looking forward to using Photoshop CS6 on. I bought PS CS6 through Journeyed.com a couple years ago and have already registered it to my old laptop. Unfortunately, I misplaced the CD, but I have the box with the product code. I thought I could just do like I did before--download the free trial of CS6 and put in my serial number. Since Adobe now offers "Photoshop CC" instead of CS6, I guess that's what throws it off and stops my serial number from working (i get "invalid code"). I even had to double check what my serial code was through Adobe and my serial number was there, already registered.


      I've already tried downloading the free trial of CS6 from other websites but it's been complicated. One of them didn't even work and gave me an error message, and the other was .dmg file so I had to download an app just to unzip the file. I'm just really confused and need help with this. I even tried to put the program files from my laptop onto an external hard drive and put them onto my surface pro, but that got confusing too.