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    Can I Copy and Paste From One Project To Another?

    Rickster213 Level 1

      I have a scrolling title working very nicely in one project and wanted to "simply" copy and paste it into another project.  After doing the copy on project 1, when I get to project 2 to do the paste, there is nothing there to paste.  Is this something with Premiere Elements 12, or with my iMac for not keeping what I copied in the appropriate buffer?  I found something online that implied there was some software to do this but I can't believe that is the only solution. 


      I also created a "temporary" project for easier editing with pictures, transitions and sound added that I want to put into my "master" project.  I could create an avi and bring it over but I was hoping to have the finished project all in one source.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Merging two projects into one is irrelevant and overlooks important Premiere Elements concepts if all you want to do is to use a title from one project in another.


          There is a simple and effective way to do this. Essentially, you create your title in the Titler of project 1 and then "Save" it as a prtl file which can be imported into another Premiere Elements project via the programs Add Media/Files and Folders.


          1. In project 1, create your title in the Titler. Close out of there.


          2. Still in project 1, go to Project Assets, and there highlight/select the thumbnail for the title.


          3. Then go to File Menu/Export/Title and export/save your title as a .prtl file.


          4. As needed, import the .prtl file into project 2....Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets from where you drag it to its Timeline destination.


          The classical techniques for transferring content from one Premiere Elements project to another do not apply to your situation in any way.


          Please review and let us know how the above worked for you.


          Remember, you do not want to highlight the created title on the Timeline to get an active File Menu/Export/Title....needs to be highlight/select of

          title in Project Assets and then File Menu/Export/Title.



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            Rickster213 Level 1

            Thanks for the info.  I'll keep that in mind if I ever want to do it again.  Unfortunately, I had already just re-done it in the master before I saw this.  Amazingly (to me, anyway), I couldn't even cut and paste the TEXT in the title to a Word doc just to save me from keying it in again.  (It was more than a title - it was like movie credits with names, songs, etc.)  I figured I could at least cut and paste the text.


            The bigger issue was I had done a "save as" of my main project, deleted all but the 55 pictures I had, then added transitions and music, burned it to a RW DVD so I could see how it looked, then figured if it looked good I would just copy and paste the info into my master.  Well I wound up redoing that as well once I figured out I couldn't do that.  In Pinnacle, whether it was a title or just the video track or audio or both it was a simple highlight of what I wanted, copy it, close that project, open another one, paste it in.  Done.


            I also had trouble editing today.  If I edited my pictures, maybe changed one or added one, it messed up my soundtrack.   In Pinnacle I would click a lock icon on the timeline and edit either the audio or video to my heart's content and not mess up the other track.  I could leave the audio in place but replace the video.  For my daughter's wedding, for example, I took video from 3 different cameras but used the audio from just one so it played smoothly but I could switch the video around for the best shots and it looked very good.

            Dare I ask how to lock just the audio or video track?  Don't spend a lot of time replying.  I already edited my music file by putting it way out in the timeline where there wasn't any video track.  Then I could split the audio clip, copy part of it, and paste it back in.  I needed the music to last a little longer while the pictures were displaying.  Then when I was done I moved it where I wanted, but even at that, I had to be careful because moving it sometimes messed up the video track if I didn't do it just right.


            The good news is I'm pretty much done with my video.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Good news sounded good.


              The other news goes to getting adjusted to the Premiere Elements workflow. There is no lock track feature in Premiere Elements. There is in Premiere Pro. Use of keyboard modifiers and grouping appropriate content are your best bets for keeping the existing Timeline content in place when you make additions to it.


              Saving titles is a great feature, and I am sorry that you did not become aware of it until after you had redid your title for another Premiere Elements project.


              Even if you were using Windows and ClipMate (Windows Only) in conjunction with Premiere Elements 12 for a copy/paste insert, you would have run into the problem of transitions getting lost in the copy/paste into (that one is specific to 12 Windows and ClipMate).


              Back to the good news that you have your current project almost completed.


              Please do not hesitate to ask me if you are uncertain about a Premiere Elements workflow path that you have not traveled before.


              Best wishes