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    Lightroom Desktop does not Sync with LR Mobile


      I Synced about 10.000 Pictures to LR Mobile. Then I selected some Pictures ("accept" and "reject"), and moved Pictures from one collection to a new one.

      I see These changes on the Adobe CC Website (LR Mobile Weblink).


      Unfortunately, These Changes do not sync into LR Desktop. In LR Desktop I found there is a Folder "All Sync Errors". I removed the problem pictures from the collections they were in, so that they shouldn't be synced anymore. But the don't go awa from the "All Sync Errors" Folder.

      Then I changed some Pictures in LR Desktop (exposure up).  Now These Pictures dissapeared from the Ipad, and also from the Adobe CC Website, but they appeared in the "All Sync Errors" Folder in LR Desktop.


      I tried to stop and start syncing using the actionpanel, I also tried to log off and log on to the creative cloud (using Lightroom Desktop AND the Adobe CC Application)


      How do I get the Sync running again?