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    Merging folders in Lightroom - Help please

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      I'm a wedding photographer who just switched to MAC.  I have three separate folders (one is mine and 2 that I got from dropbox from my second shooter)  I had incorrectly imported them into lightroom as three separate folders.  I put them all into the same folder in my finder (4,000 images omg) and now I'm trying to re import them into LR so they will be in one catalogue that I can edit from.  It's saying they are already imported and only imported 800 images into my new folder...can anyone help I'm pulling my hair out over here and lost all the edits I did from my first import.  Feeling frustrated...Kelly

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          D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

          Ah yes, playing hide and seek with Lightroom by moving files in the Finder. A common problem but not a major issue for you.


          Lightroom has a record of the images in the catalog it just doesnt know where they are since you moved them.

          You should see an ! on each of the thumbnails that are technically "missing". Click on it and you will be asked to locate the file. Follow the steps to find the file in the Finder.

          Be sure that the Find Nearby Missing Photos button is checked.

          Lightroom will find all the missing images.


          No need to re import.