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    Questions about H264 and MPEG2 settings in CS5


      I am working on a composition based on the setting 1920x1080 (1.00) 29.97fps. I encounter problems with the H264 and MPEG2 formats at the output module:

      - If I choose MPEG2 as the format, a Settings Mismatch sign appears. It reads,'Output file will be resized to 720x576 (1.46PAR) to meet format constraints. Warnings: Frame rates will be adjusted from 29.97 fps to 25 fps to meet format constraints.' But when I export the same composition to Premiere, I am able to render it out as a MPEG2 1920x1080 (1.00) 29.97fps using Media Decoder without adjusting the setting at all. So what is the MPEG2 default format setting? Is it different from software to software even within Adobe? Can I change that in AE?

      - If I choose H264 as the format, I am able to export the file in the same setting as the composition. But I wouldn't be able to play the file on Windows Media Player when done. The note says it may require codec. Does it mean other people will have troubles playing the file also? Did I do something wrong with the setting?

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          Ian Harrold

          The Mpeg2 format covers a number of protocols. It can be used at a range of resolutions but is most commonly employed at PAL or NTSC SD or 1920x1080 HD as you describe. It is defined by the International Telecommunications Union as H262, an older standard than H264 and is less efficient. The two I believe are not compatible. Best to use an accepted preset, either for combined audio and video for local playback, or as seperate video and audio tracks for DVD/Blu-Ray mastering.

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            CTSo Level 1

            Thank you for both of your responses. I wasn't actually mixing up H264 and MPEG2 formats. I was just trying to export a composition as either one of them. But the H264 file is not playable. Still dunno why. And the MPEG2 format sets the file as 720x576. If I re-size the file, the frame rate is still not right; and I don't know how to adjust that. Combined with the audio problem I 'd mentioned on the other post, now I always have to use Premiere to import the composition, render it, and then export it to Media Decoder.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Short and to the point: You need to read up on the various MPEG specs and associated MPEG Levels. MPEG-2 (DVD) is different form MPEG-2 for HD TV/ BluRay and so on. Same for H.264. There is nothing wrong with AE you just need to make an effort to actually try and educate yourself here and based on that use the correct settings, even more so since in CS5 the program does not automatically match settings to the comp...