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    Two wiggles in the same camera position

    harshit bahl

      Hi there!


      I have a huge problem, which i guess you can help me with, guys. So here it is:


      I'm using a wiggle expression in camera's position:


      startFrame = framesToTime(492); stopFrame = framesToTime(670); easeOver = framesToTime(20); freq = 0.5; amp = 35; if((time >= startFrame)&&(time < stopFrame)){ if(time < startFrame + easeOver) linear(time, startFrame, startFrame + easeOver, value, wiggle(freq,amp)); if(time >= stopFrame - easeOver) linear(time, stopFrame - easeOver, stopFrame, wiggle(freq,amp), value); else wiggle(freq,amp); } else value


      which basically wiggles the camera from frame 492 to frame 670 (with a little blending at initial and final frames). I'd like to use the same expression for the same camera and position, which will start at frame 860 and end at 920, but... When i use the same expression, just copy it under the existing one- it basically uses the second one without the first one.


      So my question is- How can i force them both to work for me?


      Harshit Bahl