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    vista and flex

    Craig Grummitt Level 3
      i've experienced several problems with flex since buying a new computer preinstalled with vista, solved one, and several remain unsolved and frustrating! i understand flex isn't officially supported under vista yet, but if anyone else has had similar problems and found solutions, i'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas.

      the first problem that i was able to solve was that i found that i needed to run as administrator. the solution to this problem was a little difficult as i work at an organisation that doesn't provide admin access to the employees, but i've got an exemption to that rule for the purposes of flex.

      the second problem was that the display has refresh issues. every time i open or close windows etc, i can't actually see the content of the windows properly until i scroll or resize the window.

      problem three is that every time i open up flex after turning on my computer flex no longer recognises network drives. this means that all my open projects on network drives close, and any shared libraries on network drives that my local projects use close, causing 'problems'.
      i have found a solution to this is to select 'Open file', 'Computer'. All of my network drives then appear with a cross through them, indicating that they are not available. despite this cross, i am then able to double click on each network drive, which seems to activate them. i am then able to manually open closed projects, and then find i often have to refresh these projects, and reselect shared libraries. this solution is workable, but with four network drives, several projects and several shared libraries, it would be useful to not have to waste 15 minutes doing this at the beginning of every day(and after every crash!). has anyone else experienced this and found a better solution?

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          Erin Flage
          Glad to hear I'm not the only one muddling through Flex Builder 2 and Vista. I just started a new job and my PC that they ordered for me has Vista (bummer). After an hour and a half and setting the compatibility settings and running as Admin I was able to get it installed.

          I haven't had problems with the network drive issue but I'm still working through the Total Training videos.

          I agree the refresh problem is highly annoying. My boss is also running Vista and suggested switching to the 'Windows Classic' display theme. I've done that with slight improvement but still not perfect.

          Is anyone at Adobe aware of these problems and working on solutions? Or have we heard when Vista will be officially supported?
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            Craig Grummitt Level 3
            yes regarding the refresh issue, i've also tried windows classic, and 'run this program in compatibility mode for:' Windows XP, disable visual themes etc and the problem reoccurs. anyone else have these issues?
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              Erin Flage Level 1
              I think I may have found a solution to the refresh problem. I am running ATI graphics cards with a dual monitor setup and there was an driver update released on April 18 and after applying that I haven't had any more problems.
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                Craig Grummitt Level 3
                nice! i also have an ATI card (standard with my DELL) and installed this update and there doesn't seem to be any more refresh problems. hooray! i can see what i'm working on! this also seemed to resolve another problem i was having in flash with symbols.

                i would click on 'mark this message as the answer' but i've still got the network drive problems.

                has anyone else found that they have to click on all of their network drives (in flex) upon every reboot to sort of notify flex that they exist?