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    .indd file format question. Does it include supporting files?


      I have an .indd file for a book I wrote. If I buy InDesign, can I edit it. Is it like a MS Word file and contain everything in a single file, or are there supporting files, such as images or fonts? I do not any of the support files if they are required.

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          You need at least the same (exactly the same!) fonts on your system as were used in the document. Even having the same font name, but a different version, may cause problems.


          Images may have been embedded in the file, but the usual advice to designers is to not do that. It causes tremendous file bloat (if you indd file is more than 20 MB, your designer may have done this), and a large file is prone to easily get corrupted.


          Ask the person you got this .indd file from for a package. This can be produced by InDesign at the touch of a button (or by selecting the so-named menu item), and will produce a folder in which all used fonts and images are stored.