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    Video Express won't run


      I installed Adobe Presenter 10 and Video Express on my Windows 7 PC with Microsoft Office 2013. The Adobe Presenter add-in works fine, but video express won't run either through PowerPoint or on its own. Why will the program not even open? All it says is Adobe Presenter has stopped working when I try to run the Video Express.

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          dallas.flippin Level 1

          In case anyone else experiences this issue...


          After three afternoons of working with IT support, the program never worked. The last guess by IT as to why the software didn't work was because my computer comes with 2 video cards (an integrated video card and a high performance video card). As such, they didn't recommend anything other than install the software on a different computer. I can't imagine this being the real reason since a lot of computers come with two video cards.


          I bought a more powerful software option of a competitor and it runs perfectly on my computer. I returned Presenter 10 but there is no way to get my three afternoons back.

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            I cannot get Video express to work on 2 recent Presenter installations for faculty. I have never had this problem before.  The video driver has been updated.



            1. In Video Express, under Preferences, I cannot switch to the Project View.  The option is grayed out.
            2. When trying to create a video from within PowerPoint, I get the following messages. Presenter Error.jpgInternal Error.jpg

            3. On one faculty computer we were able to record from Video Express directly, but not from within PowerPoint. On the other PC we cannot use Video Express at all although the Presenter application in PowerPoint seems to be working.

            Please advise on a solution.