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    Can anyone decipher the debugger report on why won't run in Facebook on IE9 under Windows Vista?


      I have Windows Vista and have been using Facebook on it for several years with no problem.  Recently, it will not run videos.  I have installed FlashPlayer and it tests out fine.  Videos run fine directly from youtube.  All I get is a black screen for the identical video in facebook.

      I installed the debugger program and it gives the following report on errors every time facebook comes across a video.


      An Action Script Error has occurred

      Error: Error #2134: Cannot create SharedObject.

      at flash.net::SharedObject$/getLocal()

      at silvercity.player::AbstractPlayer()

      at silvercity.player::ProgressivePlayer()

      at silvercity::VideoPlayerApp/setupNewPlayer()

      at silvercity::VideoPlayerApp/setup()

      at facebook.display::FBAppLite/onAddedToStage()


      I have installed, uninstalled,and reinstalled adobe flash player several times to no avail.

      I have turned off ActiveX filtering.

      I have disabled accelerators

      I have checked to make sure it is listed in Manage Add Ons and is Enabled.


      Sure could use some help.