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    Trouble with master pages


      I am very new to the InDesign CC software and am trying it out on a trial.   I am working on a Mac and have created a book.

      I thought all was going well until I imported the 2nd document to the book and realized my settings for Doc 1 were all wrong.


      I have checked all the settings I know how to check on both Docs and they appear to be the same.  However, I can't get Doc 1

      to change.


      I  have copied the master from Doc 2 to Doc 1…..no go!!

      I have made sure all settings are the same.


      What am I missing??

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          I suspect as a beginner, you're getting the wrong end of the stick (if that's the correct expression). You don't want to start with the Book feature, and maybe you don't even understand about Master pages.


          You need some training to get the context of the items and approach to creating documents with InDesign. There are lots of training books available and Lynda.com, and others, have useful online training videos. I believe you can get a free week. Have a look at this getting started with InDesign tutorial: Watch the Online Video Course Getting Started with InDesign

          (I have no connection with Lynda.com!)

          And, of course, you can then get help with specific issues on this forum from the many knowledgeable subscribers.



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            reefgirl72 Level 1



            Thank you.  I finally figured out what I did wrong after an hour of messing with it and watching the tutorials you mentioned.  It was a super simple fix.  I appreciate your time and information.