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    Moving catalog from Lr 3.6 to Lr 5.6

    Joan CT

      Hi all. This is my first post here, after joining Creative Cloud and start using Lr 5.6.

      My catalog is about 1Tb and right now is in an external RAID system (WD) and I'm working with a MacBookPro and a NEC Spectraview Reference 2690.

      I started using Lr 5.6 with some test catalogs and everything seems to be OK.

      My question is : Should I take any specific action before moving my catalog from 3.6 to 5.6??

      I remember when I moved from Lr2 to Lr3 that i did some optimization and other actions before importing the catalog to Lr3, but right now I'm not able to remember.........

      Any advice from you before such a huge amount of photos will be really appreciated.