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    Anchoring an updatable table of contents (frame) in the primary text flow?


      I understand that normally, a InDesign table of contents should sit on its own page or in a separate text frame, so it can easily be maintained/updated.


      InDesign Help says: “Avoid threading the TOC frame to other text frames in the document. If you replace the existing TOC, the entire story will be replaced by the updated TOC.”


      Fine, understood. However, I am working on a project where I need all content (from the cover illustration to the last line) to sit in the master spread’s primary text flow – including the table of contents.


      Here’s what I tried: I opened the Table of contents dialog, made all settings and clicked OK. Clicking will now create a new text frame with the table of contents, which is updatable by selecting that frame and using "Update Table of Contents". So far, so good.


      I cut this frame and then inserted it as an anchored frame within the primary text flow, just as I would anchor a table, image, etc. However, after anchoring this TOC frame, I cannot update it anymore using "Update Table of Contents". It is just another frame, not recognized as the ToC anymore.


      Is there another way of having a "live", updatable table of contents that will float as part of the primary text flow?


      Thank you.