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    Loadmovie Fade in and out

    MultiMedia13 Level 1
      Ok, I am getting ready to start a new project and I want to make sure I'm on the right track! It will be a site that uses loadmovie (I hope) to fade pages in and out in equal amounts. (I.E movie 1 unloads and fades out at the same rate movie 2 loads up and fades in)I found a reply by Kglad for doing something similar with jpegs the code was:

      on (rollOver) {
      loadMovie("Costume/Bailiff.jpg", "placeholder_mc");

      and attached to a frame:

      function fadeF(mc){

      So I am hoping this will work with a swf. I think I would have to assign buttons which would unload current MC at a fade rate and have another MC fade in at that same rate. And I am guessing the buttons would be loaded on a layer above any of the movies. I am talking this out before I dive in just kind of helps. And I haven't had a great deal of experience yet with Flash and I also am going to read the help files now to see what I can dig up.
      Is it possible?