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    Real Estate Listings

    Kristen Szy Level 1

      Hello all.


      Wondering if anyone out there has successfully integrated a real estate listing system (MLS or Realtor.ca or similar) into a BC site?


      I am building a site and looking for any help/suggestions to integrate external listing data into a BC site.


      Has anyone had any luck with API integration or third party API systems?


      Any suggestions would be so helpful!




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          Daniel Nicholls Level 1

          Hi Kristen,


          Did you ever get any help with this? From what I can surmise from other related posts, it's not really possible, but maybe things have changed since August last year?

          I also need an answer to this, so can anyone at let us know whether or not there's a solution?




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            Kristen Szy Level 1

            Hello Sorry Dan for the last reply.


            No I never received any reply on this other then iframe MLS listings in, which of course is not ideal.


            The other answer is paid real estate systems that are 3rd party that will do the linking for you. Depending on where you are located there are different ones, I found one through a Google search.


            Sorry I cant be of more help. Good luck.