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    UPLOAD dreamweaver 3 website into Dreamweaver CS6?


      How do I upload my website made in Dreamweaver 3 (old MAC) to my new Dreamweaver CS6 software ( on a 10.5 MAC)?


      I did find the old website folder and it seemed to pick it up. I have no idea how to link the FTP host site. Also, is there an easy to follow book available? My site is very basic.


      Many Thanks!!!


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          Ken Binney Level 6

          Your website files do not reside in DW. They are stored on your local computer in a single folder we call the root folder.

          That folder and its files needs to be copied to the new MAC

          DW just talks to that folder using a site definition.


          If your old MAC is still functioning, you could export its site definition (a .ste file) and import it to DW on the new MAC.

          If the old machine is dead, simply define your site on the new machine.

          Here's a video: http://vimeo.com/45866696