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    populate a listbox using javascript


      I want to populate a list box using Javascript .

      I have a  following script:


      // Place all prepopulation data into a single data structure

      var TrainData = { 12002:{ StationFrom: "New Delhi", StationTo: "Bhopal", Stn: ["MTJ", "AGC"]


                       12004:{ StationFrom: "NDLS", StationTo: "Lucknow" }};

      function SetFieldValues(cTrainName)


        this.getField("TrainFromName").value = TrainData[cTrainName].StationFrom;

      this.getField("TrainToName").value = TrainData[cTrainName].StationTo;

      this.getField("TrainStn").value = TrainData[cTrainName].Stn;




      I'm able to get data (MTJ, AGC) using this.getField("TrainStn").value = TrainData[cTrainName].Stn; to a text box

      whereas i require this data into a list box.

      Let me know how to do this?