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    Lightroom Desktop (PC) not sending DNG's to LR Mobile, but getting JPG's from LR Mobile just fine.

    Jonah G.

      I'm having some issues on my PC with sending DNG files from my Canon 50d to Lightroom Mobile. Images taken on our iPhones (5c and 4s) are being uploaded just fine and appearing on my PC, but nothing from the PC is being sent to LR Mobile. I'm not getting any indication that anything is in "queue" to be transferred and there is no indication of anything in the status (Top Left of LR Desktop, by the Identity Plate). When I hover over the tiny "Sync" icon for each of the DNG images that won't sync, it says "Sync with Lightroom mobile Pending". I've upgraded my PC software to the latest version, rebooted my computer (Windows 7), and made sure I have the latest release of LR Mobile on our iOS devices. The DNG files just don't want to go out to the cloud. Any thoughts?