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    Flash converts poorly to mp4



      I created an animated clip which I want to function on a website that can be used by mobile devices.


      I sent it to the Adobe Media Encoder as a .mov and converted it to MP4 (H264).  The first half of the clip becomes very blurry. It looks fine when played as an SWF.  How can I convert to MP4 and maintain quality?


      Thank you.



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          1. Make the image size of the video the same as your Flash movie's stage size.

          2. Use the same frame rate for the video as you used in your Flash movie.

          3. In the video compression settings, let the compressor set the key framing, use the highest available quality and the greatest data rate. You can incrementally lower the data rate until you start to see a degradation in the image quality.

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            debsiegabsie Level 1

            Thanks so much for replying! 


            Making the image size of the video the same as the Flash movie's stage has already improved the quality considerably.  (Though it produced a heavier file - is a 5mb file reasonable for a website?)


            I'm using Handbrake for the compression, which recommends setting "Constant Quality" to 18-20  for regular output and 20-23 for high definition.  Is this the quality setting you are referring to?  When I upped it to 43 the quality was horrible.  Also, I don't see a setting for data rate.  Would that be bitrate or samplerate?


            Thanks so much for your help!


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              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

              You should be able to output your flash movie as an MP4 in one step right from Flash. There is no need to use Handbrake.  From the first screen in Media Encoder, select the compressor that you want to use in the first column on the left.

              Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 4.25.11 PM.png

              Double click on the compressor name to open up the options window:

              Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 4.26.48 PM.png

              Here you can set the options for the image size, frame rate, data rate, etc.

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                debsiegabsie Level 1

                Thanks so much for your tips Rob.  The size thing improved the quality significantly.  Further than that I'm still struggling with blurriness.


                Here is the clip on the website in swf format:  http://www.photomobil.co.il/ 

                Looks good.


                And here it is in MP4 format on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4DnErajUXQ&feature=youtu.be

                The figures are blurry in the first part of the video. :-(


                Any further settings advice would be gratefully received.


                Thanks once again.



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                  robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                  Here are a couple of sites that explain the process. Start with simple changes and only change what needs to be changed. Keep some notes on what works and what doesn't. You should be able to get it sorted out.


                  Here's a good overview of the basics of H264 encoding:

                  Keyframe settings for encoding H.264 | Philip Bloom Forum


                  This site will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about encoding video:

                  EventDV.net: The Event Videographer's Resource

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                    debsiegabsie Level 1

                    Very kind of you, thank you.  Just one last question if you don't mind.  Looking at the clip on youtube would you think that it is something that can be sorted with the settings?  I've already tried quite a few different things and nothing much changed and I'm just wondering if I might be investing my time better by re-making it in a larger size?


                    I so appreciate your help.



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                      robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                      I can't see the file on youtube. It's set for private viewing only.

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                        debsiegabsie Level 1

                        Sorry.  Here is a better youtube version open for public viewing.  I increased the size of the page and it helped.  But quality still poor - I played with the settings for quite some time.




                        compared to the much clearer swf version  Photomobil|


                        Any input gratefully received.  Thanks so much.



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                          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                          Using Flash's video output, that may be as good as you're going to get this movie to look. One other option, if you have the software, is to output the video from Flash with no compressor and then take that video into a video editor application and compress it. That way you will have more option available to you.


                          In order to output with no compression you need to have Quicktime 7. You can get that here: Apple - Support - Downloads Then, on a Mac,


                          In order to enable one of the “legacy video codecs” open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal, copy/paste the appropriate line (or all of them) into a terminal window, and hit return. The effect is instantaneous.


                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs ApplePlanarRGB enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs SorensonVideo enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs SorensonVideo3 enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleBMP enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleCinepak enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleH261 enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleH263 enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleMotionJPEGA enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleMotionJPEGB enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs ApplePNG enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleNone enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleVideo enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleGraphics enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleTGA enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleTIFF enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleComponentVideo enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs AppleJPEG2000 enabled

                          qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs ApplePixlet enabled


                          If you also want to enable all of the “legacy audio codecs” you can copy this line to your terminal:


                          qtdefaults write LegacyAudioCodecsEnabled yes


                          It’s reasonable for Apple to try and fade out really old codecs like Cinepak, but removing the possibility to export uncompressed video is more than unwise. I get the feeling that Apple is neglecting us pro users more and more. God knows what will happen, the day QuickTime 7 is no longer supported, and all that’s left is QuickTime X – which is nice for consumers, but totally inappropriate for us…


                          This is from a message on the Apple discussion forums from TheTecNicoon Apr 8, 2012 12:56 PM

                          Once you have the no compression option enabled, you can output video files with no compression. This makes VERY large files. Then, in Premiere, or some other video editor you can output the file to H.264 as you want.

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                            debsiegabsie Level 1

                            Wow thanks Rob.  Not sure I understand fully but I'm sure your answer will be helpful to lots of people. 


                            A couple of clarification questions please if you don't mind:

                            - When I output from Flash without compression, what to I output it as?  FLV?

                            - I'm really not clear what the legacy codecs thing is all about but would I need to do that operation on a Mac?

                            - Re video editor application - I'm guessing free software like Handbrake wouldn't do it?  What would you recommend.


                            I really appreciate this whole lesson you have given me.  Thanks so much.

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                              robdillon Most Valuable Participant

                              You will be outputting to an uncomressed .mov file. It will be video not flash video. In order to save a file as uncompressed you usually need to activate the "old" Apple no compression settings. These are no longer available by default in Quicktime for some reason. I have no idea how to activate these settings on Windows.


                              The best compressor tool is Sorenson Squeeze, if you don't already have a copy of Premiere or Final Cut. I don't know that Handbrake can open an uncompressed video file.

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                                debsiegabsie Level 1

                                I see.  Thank you.  I've decided to re-make the clip in larger size.  Next time I'll be wiser about sizing in the first place!!  Thanks so much for your patient help.