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    How do I edite my collection description after it's already exported (in HTML)?

    Julie-UXContentCreator Level 1



      I've been using Photoshop and Lightroom for a while not. Both are amazing, and I'm even now using Dreamweaver. Anyway...now, I'll get to my question:


      How do I edited my collection description after already having exported my Lightroom Gallery? For one, I noticed a spelling error in the title, and I also want to edit the description a little bit more without having to re-export it from LR again and having to Re-publish all again. (I manage to use the file codes to change a few other things using DW, but for the life in me I cannot figure out how to change the Description).


      I guess this is actually a coding question, not a question about LR itself, but I'm hoping some people who've used and tweaked LR galleries will understand my plight and help me. I would appreciate it very much.


      Oh, and if it makes any difference, I'm using The Turning Gate free gallery because it's HTML5. I wasn't sure if any of the other LR5 CC ones were HTML5, that's why.