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    viewing two clips


      I am new to adobe premiere elements after using final cut express for many years.


      My productions are simple, 2 video tracks, different cameras, synced to an audio track made in pro tools.


      Is it possible to see two clips at they play on the time line other than by using motion to change size and place in a different part of the monitor or by making both clips more transparent so both are seen. 


      What would work best is if it is possible to see who different monitor screens. 


      Thanks for the reply.  I have searched this forum but found no answers. 

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          What version of Premiere Elements do you actually have? And, on what computer operating system is it running?


          There is no multi camera workspace in Premiere Elements as there is in Premiere Pro. Yet there are many who have been successful with multi camera editing with Premiere Elements. There are been several discussions here on the matter. One back and forth can be found

          Re: Will Adobe Elements edit multicam sequences?


          Basically, camera 1 Video Track 1, camera 2 Video Track 2. I prefer the Opacity rather than the cut out way.


          Two different monitor screens, I think not. Opacity changes to view one or the other...temporary fit of both (horizontal strips into the one Edit area monitor) ....



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            Thanks for the reply.  I read the attached thread and saw you there a lot.


            I am using adobe premiere elements 12 on a i5 IMAC.


            We use video to record mostly recitals and auditions videos for graduate

            school pre screens for classical musicians.  Rarely do I need to use more

            than one shot because the pre screen videos are not to be edited.  But for

            recitals they like multiple angles.  I had determined that two ways to view

            more than one track would be through motion or opacity as you suggested.


            I had been happily using FCE but it will not play nice with my Canon 70D

            ACVHD files even if I translated them to a different codec.  The other

            complication is that I still want to use my Canon GL2 for multi camera

            shots, so I am dealing with 720 SD and 1920 formats.  Still I can adjust

            the size with motion.


            I considered getting final cut pro X but I would have to upgrade to os 10.9

            and it does not play well with other software that I use.


            Thank you for your reply.





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              Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delayed reply. Not much more to add.


              But, if history repeats itself, Adobe should be releasing a new version of Premiere Elements at the end of September 2014. No one but Adobe knows the feature set for the new version. That type of information is released the moment the new version is released.


              You may want to check out the What's New for the next version when that information becomes available. It is anyone's guess whether a multi camera editing workspace will ever materialize in a new version. It is always best to evaluate the free 30 day tryout of the program before purchase.


              Best wishes for your video projects.