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    This Whole Adobe CC Controversy And a Happy User :-0

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      I'll make this short....I'm reading all the negative about the CC thing and can't help myself wondering if I'm the only one who's absolutely loving Creative Cloud? I guess I'm going to offend many who seem to have (in their minds) some valid reasons to "hate Adobe" for this new subscription plan. I have a full membership for the 50 or so bucks a month and find every penny spent more than worth it.  Yes, I'm a relative newbie to total immersion in Adobe products and of course can't speak from the mind of 'long-time' users and pros... so understand where I am coming from, and my position. This is me... not you. LOL


      The No. 1 gripe (of many) seems to be the cost. 49 whatever dollars a month.  Ok, I too wish it were less... of course!. I wish everything I pay for was less. My mortgage, my car insurance, my electric bill, etc.

      But 12.50 a week for me to have total access and continued updated versions (at no added cost) of all the majors such as Ps, Illustrator, Indesign, Muse, Premiere, After Effects, and Edge, is well worth it.... for me.  WHY?


      First... yes, I call it $12.50 a week instead of $600 a year because psychologically it helps, and reminds me that I can p_ss away 50 bucks a week on total useless nothingness that gets me just that at the end of the week..... nothing.   AND...

      One thing that is not in dispute is the quality and power of Adobe apps... and for those who have not used them, or tried them, or know of their capabilities, like me.... we spend an eternity trying to find other apps that can do what they do.

      Oh, "this one can open PS files".  Or, "I wish this one can save as an AI file". And on and on... SO.... I probably wouldn't be exaggerating if over the last 5 years I have invested in many..... many of those $89, $125, $190  with all those yearly

      upgrades to deal with. And some of them are quite good. Even better in some small areas or so, do some things better the Adobe apps.  I said "in some small areas or so".


      So, in my quest to find and use equivalent software, I easily spend over $600 a year.  Another words... it all balances out for me.


      The No. 2 gripe/fear/concern I see is the security of the files created on CC apps. If the subscription is cancelled what happens?  The holding us hostage. You know story, so I need not repeat. And I too have this little annoying something in the

      pit of my stomach having me feel the same way.  Now, I'm gonna say that no, I'm not and Adobe professional with 1000's of files and many clients as many of you so please understand this is MY situation.... I'm not attempting to convince or change

      how you are feeling, and what you have to deal with. But.... I do, and can empathize with the crowd on this because I do a certain amount of web design for a dozen or so clients, plus other various services... and of course there's MY websites and

      marketing materials, which I DO have many 100's of file that I WILL be porting over to CC apps over time. So I'm sort of there with you on that up to a point. I had to resolve it in my mind this way.

      I remember when I first became aware of cloud storage. WHAT!!!???? put my files on WHAT!???  WHERE????  a... the... cloud?  What the hell is a 'Dropbox', 'Carbonite', etc... and then came 'GoogleDrive' and 'Skydrive'/'OneDrive'?????????????????????????

      NO G_D DAMM WAY I'm backing up my stuff on any of these things.... what if...?   what if....?    what if...?   and the security? and the outages? and the this and that and this.  I'LL NEVER TRUST THEM! What if they go down? What if they're hacked?

      What if?....


      Well, I'm totally Cloud Crazy now.... I'm all in!.... for all the positive reasons that exist... (I love carrying my world around with me on my Galaxy). I resolved it this way.....  again, this is my head.... I thought to myself, well if Google and Microsoft's

      servers go down or disappear from the planet, I'll be in good company when things begin to globally collapse. I'll just twist in the battery to stoke up my e-cig and flow with it. Yes, it may sound a bit trite, but the world is changing fast. It is what it is.

      I can't change it. The big Corp's are in control and as long as I get the service and quality for an acceptable price, well, I'll bite and save myself some stress.


      So..... Adobe? I have to put Adobe in the same category in how I thought about the 'Cloud Storage' thing that scared the hell out of me. Life's a gamble. Every time you start the car, there are 100's of possibilities and scenarios that can occur.

      Is Adobe going anywhere soon?  I don't believe so. Is Adobe going to do/change something so drastically as to hurt my business, or existing files? I don't think so. Now where would that leave them? So... I'm in. And what do I have?

      I have a LARGE selection of applications that are quite frankly the best of any thing out there. Perfect? So show what 'thing' you've found on this planet that is.  I have free upgrades to all of those. Well, now I don't have to pay for all those others

      I spoke of.  Even after the JUNE 2014 major upgrades, there have been almost a half dozen more on the various apps. hhhhhhmmmmmm free.  I LOVE to open my CC tray app and see "UPGRADE".  I have applications that help me learn more

      and grow... because of the what seems like endless features of these programs.  One of my very favorites is MUSE... I have used ALL ALL ALL the equivalent software and yes, some have some slick features... but NONE, in the end have nearly

      the sophistication of MUSE. What would take me days of a site creation with those others, takes me only hours on MUSE.. even with the learning curve.

      I have endless tutorials from Adobe (I dig Terry) and from 100's of talented uses of ALL the apps from around the globe at my finger tips. NO OTHER software does. I love the integration, the Typekit font features, the Marketplace.

      And I have, finally, applications that don't freakin' crash on me what seems to be 50 times on a long session. Yes, I've crashed CC apps a couple of apps a couple of times. But I know computer limitation was the cause.... ( I push it sometimes)  These are

      the most SOLID applications I have ever used since my Commodore 64 and Atari St days.......  :-\   And that gives me something else... peace of mind when I'm into my 4th hour and didn't even think "uh oh, I better close out and re-start before......

      I could have been more detailed, very much more detailed on what I like about my CC experience, but you get my point. So, for me, it works! And for 5 others that I know that moved to CC that seem to be in my category of user, they're lovin' it too.

      Oh, one more thing... I had the need on three occasions for Adobe support, and I have to tell ya. I was initially hesitant to make the call because of what I read. But I did. Sorry to the folks who had a bad time, but.... On all three occasions, they were

      absolutely perfect and helpful, resolving all and everything I needed. I was shocked!

      So that's my little story... (did I say at the top that I'd make this short?) Thanks for your time... I just felt compelled to say something positive. It's been a long time since I have felt kind of excited about using a puter....  My $12.50 a week, and the CC

      has given that back to me too.



      PS... to lazy to proof this, so forgive any typos, or miserable grammar.