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    Verso and recto master page issues when dragging/reordering pages - photo, CS6


      I'm have a novel/book layed out all as one document (not as ID book) and I used existing master pages and paragraph styles from a previous book.


      When a chapter ends on a left (verso) page/side of spread, I want to start the next chapter opener on the very next right (recto) side of the spread.  When a chapter ends on a right (recto) side, then I want the next chapter opener to start on the next spead, on the left (verso) side.  I am basically using a mater page (2 page spread) for the chapter opener and a separate 2 page master spread for the content pages.  I'm trying to achieve a book/novel layout with no blank pages.


      I've tried creating 1-page master pages and applying them to "break up" the spreads, but that didn't seem to work either.  I do have "allow document pages to shuffle" unchecked.


      In the screen shot attached, I have tried to delete the blank page (master set to "none"), but when I do, it just creates another page in its place.  When I try to drag and drop the next chapter opener to the right of the last chapter ending, it adds a blank page in front of it and/or deletes one of the content pages.  Perhaps the text "threads" are causing issues?  Any ideas?  Really hoping there is a solution that doesn't include starting over.


      I'd be grateful for any tips!