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    Haswell-E build for GH4 work


      I'm building a new machine on the Haswell-E platform. The majority of it is already ordered, but I thought I'd ask and see what people think of how I'm setting it up. I'm not expecting to render particularly complex timelines or effects or more than two streams at a time, but this is a long term sort of machine. Currently I've got:

      Core i7-5930K

      Asus X99 Deluxe

      32 GB (4x8) of DDR4-2400

      Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB (OS drive)

      2x Geforce GTX 880, when it's released (making do with a pair of 7970s for now)

      (misc uninteresting cooling and power bits)

      Not too worried about that part, as nothing I'm doing suggests that I should go nuts and build a dual Xeon type of system. Quadros/FirePros are also unacceptable, for a variety of reasons. (Chief among them is I'm a game dev.)


      The real question is the storage. My plan is:

      Samsung 840 Evo 1 TB (general computing data, project drive, FRAPS capture drive)

      3x or 4x WD Black 4TB in RAID 0 (the big files)

      2 TB Thunderbolt/USB3 drive for transfer purposes


      Given that the GH4 files aren't all that big (100 mbit in 4K), I feel like that should be more than adequate. Anyone foresee any spec changes I may want to make?

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          You are building a really strong single-CPU system and it should have no trouble at all with GH4 files if your system is set up properly. You will read a lot on the www regarding how demanding 4K is to edit, however most of those users are referring to RED 4k and other more professional media formats that are brutal on a system.


          For Premiere Pro:

          - CPU/motherboard/32GB RAM - just fine; get a good CPU cooler and do a minor OC and it will be even better

          - 850 Pro boot drive - 256GB model would be fine for Adobe, only get the larger one if you need it for your game dev. work

          - dual GTX 880 - way overkill for this system, but again you may need this for your work; NVIDIA GTX are way better for PPro than ATI cards, so if you have any performance issues using the 7970's, those issues will probably all go away when you go GTX

          - drives - you only need the 3x or 4x 4TB in RAID 0 for PPro; it will be plenty fast and the 32GB of RAM will help gloss over any HD latency

          - drives - uber performance option - multiple SSDs in RAID 0 perform way better than single large drives (so long as you get SSDs that do RAID 0 well); I already said you do not NEED more drive power for PPro, but if you are still wanting a high-speed data work space think 4x Crucial 256GB SSD in place of the Samsung 1TB EVO





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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            As Jim says the Samsung EVO drives are lousy when you are writing to them with uncompromisable video data.  Read performance is OK


            Be careful when you choose the USB3 Flash drives they vary in performance from lousy to very good.  Currently, with lots of reviewing and testing on my part I like the PNY Turbo 128 GB or its 256GB big brother.

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              Promit_JHU Level 1

              Assuming you mean 'incompressible', I don't think that really affects the EVOs much - I was under the impression that's primarily a problem on Sandforce controllers. In any case I didn't realize the Crucial MX100 series were so fast and so cheap, so I'll probably RAID those up like Jim suggested.


              As far as the USB3 drive, I'm planning to get a multi-terabyte USB3/TB magnetic external, not a flash drive.

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                The Crucial M550 drives are what I would suggest on the Crucial side. The Samsung 850 Pro drives are far better than the Evo and released at a very reasonable price. The caching and performance of the EVO drives is poor especially if they are raided. I would not suggest Evo's for anything but OS.