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    PC hardware and Hard Drives and DVD and Blu Ray Authoring

    Espience Films Level 1

      So I have a few questions.


      A. What is the best setup for hard drives for ultimate editing. I have heard of scratch discs and RAIDs. Right now I have an SSD for programs and OS and 2TB Black for Media. What else do I need or can use/get?


      B. Any recommendations for where to get Blank DVD and Blurays and cases? Also best way to print on them by printer? And also places that produce Blu ray and DVDs by singles?


      C. Is 32GB ram worth getting upfront or going 16 for now and upgrade soon? I edit mainly 1080 and possibly small 4k in the next 6 months just don't know to spend it now or wait 6 months and upgrade




      Random questions I know haha, but I hope.someone can help