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    Does  Behance suck?


      I've just started my account with Behance and its already a complete mess.  So, does Behance suck?  Should I even bother?

      I ask because since trying to use it since last night, I've discovered:

      1.  I cannot use pdf files.  When I use the share on behance option, I get a: There was a problem with your request, please refresh the page and try again.

      But, its a pop out window with no ability to refresh.  I then use a pdf to jpg converter and then try to upload...now, the file is too big for Behance, so I lower the quality of the file and finally its unloaded.  Okay, far from the quality of my pdf.

      2. Trying to upload a picture for my profile and exceeding the file size (again). I then reduce file size of the picture and am now on the cropping page of Behance. I try to crop my picture and now get: "image failed to crop, please try again later."

      Like, trying again later is going to change something?

      This is already a complete pain in the neck and Im not sure I want to continue with this.

      Please let me know if using Behance is more beneficial than frustrating.


      Mike C

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Mike,


          Sorry to hear you're having trouble! I'll let others chime in about their experiences on Behance, but to address your questions:


          1. That's correct that PDF is not an accepted file type - you can find everything we accept here: Behance Support & Forum : Technical Info and Formats

          As a workaround for uploading PDFs, you can embed from Scribd: Can I upload a PDF? : Behance Support & Forum


          2. The Profile Photo is just a tiny thumbnail, and the size limit for this is 1MB rather than our regular 5 MB limit for regular files. If you're still having trouble you can send the image over to me and I can upload it for you. In general on Behance, we suggest editing your images before uploading, as you'll see there isn't a re-size or crop option for the regular portfolio, so the idea is to upload your finished images to your portfolio.


          A few other resources you might enjoy:



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            MtotheC Level 1

            Hi Sarah,

            yes. If you could upload the attached jpg for my profile pick I would be

            much obliged.

            Regarding Scribdcom it looks like a pay site. What would be nice is when I

            choose the "upload to Behance" option in Illustrator and it doesn't upload

            telling the user what the problem is.

            thanks for getting in touch,

            Mike C



            On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 7:57 AM, SarahBehance1 <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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              SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)



              Sorry about that, I don't see any attachment there. Can you re-send it or just open a ticket with our official support agents? https://help.behance.net/anonymous_requests/new



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                MtotheC Level 1

                OK, I see now.  I had replied to your first email through my email browser.  And had attached the image there. I'll attach it here now.Mike.jpg

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                  SkyLarkTrueBlue Level 1

                  When you type in your email on Google your behance resume (pdf link) shows up with all your information! Did you know this!

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                    MtotheC Level 1

                    No! I didn't!



                    On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 6:34 AM, SkyLarkTrueBlue <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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                      SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                      Hi Mike - just added your profile photo for you! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

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                        TheHoaryHound Level 1

                        Yes. Here's one big reason behance sucks:


                        Damn near impossible to sort images once they've been uploaded.


                        You have to tediously, oh so tediously, sort them... one-by-one... with that silly vertical sorting tool, which really, really, REALLY sucks!


                        Why not have a sorting page linked Flickr, or one of a hundred other programs, that presents images on a grid and allows for a quick sort... one, two, three and you're done.


                        If anyone can tell me a quick and easy way to bulk sort images on Behance, I'm all ears!!!!!

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                          Maddie Cakes

                          I've been struggling with stupid things like thumb nails all morning.  I get one error message - must be X pixels...  Then another - must be a square image...    Sometimes I don't get any error messages and the image I uploaded appears white for no reason.  I try different file types and get YET another error message - must be X file types.


                          ***First, why can't these error messages be COMBINED so I can get what I need all at once....

                          ***Second, why is help impossible to find... Wouldn't it be nice to look up and find this info SOMEWHERE.  I see that Sarah provided a link above but why isn't this info available anywhere on the behance site???

                          ***Third, why isn't there tip text (or why don't I see it)...


                          Now I've got a "saving" message that has been spinning for 20 mins.    There are many things I really appreciate about Behance - the cost, for one, the networking for another.  But there are some definite usability issues.  Simple fixes needed.

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                            SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                            Hi Madalena,


                            Sorry to hear you're frustrated. First off - we're always here if you need help - our knowledge center is at https://help.behance.net/home and you can reach an agent directly by clicking "contact us" on that form or at http://on.be.net/GetHelp

                            (This forum is not our primary help center, just a secondary one within the Adobe Forums, so always go to the above link first)


                            Please get in touch with an agent with those questions and someone will get back to you within a few hours.



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                              TheHoaryHound Level 1

                              YES!!! It does SUCK, and for this reason alone:


                              SORT ORDER!!!!!


                              First off, the sort order of your images is scrambled when uploaded from Creative Cloud.

                              Thanks Adobe!!  That really sucks.


                              Next, to repair the destruction of sort order, you go have to edit the project and use the sort tool... which in Behance SUCKS!!!


                              If you have more than a few images, the sort tool is truly and radically terrible.  It's a long vertical list, which scrolls off the page at the bottom.  You must nit-picketly select one image at a time and gently bring it up to the top (or bottom, etc), and try to get the screen to scroll along.  It will drive you insane, just try it!


                              So... Why can't Behance (a) Not screw up the sort order from CC on import, and (b) Provide a decent sorting tool, similar to Squarespace for example????


                              I do not have the answer to these two very basic questions.  Does anyone have a clue?

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                                TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                Well, it's been several months and I see no reply from Adobe.


                                I guess we can take that to mean that Adobe does not care about users going crazy just to accomplish the simple and common task of sorting their photos on Behance.


                                In other words, Behance is really not supported... and perhaps it's money well spent to get a Squarespace account.


                                Correct, Adobe?

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                                  Behance is indeed a MESS! It's trying to be Square Space, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram all at the same time! I've been playing around with it for a few hours now and I'm already about to delete my account despite the fact that I'm a paying Adobe Cloud member.

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                                    TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                    Good point about the multiple personalities of Behance, Tzatziki81.


                                    Plus, the product(s) haven't improved one iota for probably the past year or more.


                                    I had a SquareSpace account in the past, and I dropped that hoping that CC and Behance could serve as my public web site.  But, it's just so bad!  The looks are OK (not great), but is truly a pain to maintain (for example, the sorting of photos issue).  Plus, there does not seem to be any real integration with CC or Lightroom or .. anything.  Plus, no information whatsoever on future plans.


                                    Oh well... in the meantime, check out this cool SquareSpace project Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes - Squarespace

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                                      TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                      Well... one thing that is good about Adobe... the comment of mine (above) was "moderated" by Adobe, and even though the criticism is quite blunt, Adobe still allowed it to be published. Kudos to Adobe for that.


                                      But..now that it's been read by an Adobe monitor... can you PLEASE run these issues up the flag pole, and PLEASE let us know what's happening with Behance?  At least tell us that you are listening to your anguished users!

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                                        Level 7

                                        It was only moderated because of the link, and because we are under attack from spammers right now.

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                                          TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                          Oh.... well... thanks for the honesty! 


                                          So does this mean that if Behance users want to be heard, we need to start a DoS attack?? 


                                          Just kidding of course.


                                          Good luck with the spammers.  When that fire drill is over, can you please get us some answers about the "sort order tool" in Behance?  That seriously needs some serious work.  It feels like Siberia out here.



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                                            MtotheC Level 1

                                            I officially quit that Adobe Cloud service, what a rip off, they rent you

                                            the application w/o ever owning it.

                                            I think there are better free alternatives. Any Company  that wants to

                                            monopolize the graphic design market can get bent as far as I care.

                                            Screw Adobe

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                                              MtotheC Level 1

                                              My experience with Adobe was awful. I'm not going to give them another dime

                                              of my money

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                                                TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                                Well, I like Lightroom and I also like Lightroom Mobile... they give the

                                                ability to spread my workflow between desktop and mobile... and I really

                                                like that.  I also don't mind paying $10/month... $120/year.  But for that

                                                money I do expect (a) that the product is good, (b) it's maintained, and

                                                (c) serious issues are corrected (e.g., sort order).  For folks who don't

                                                want to pay the subscription, and who don't need to cloud type of services,

                                                then you can either buy the desktop version or go with another vendor.

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                                                  SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                  Hey guys - Sarah from Behance here!


                                                  We would never moderate your negative comments - all viewpoints are welcome and we take user feedback seriously and bring it to the team to try to improve anything that's a pain point for our community.


                                                  I'd love to drill down into what the top issues everyone is experiencing are. Re-reading this thread, it seems like the majority of the complaints are about the sorting tool, in terms of re-ordering photos after uploading them to Behance. I'm curious to know in what way the re-order tool is confusing or hard to use - happy to take that feedback back to the team. In terms of order or upload, your image files will come in in order - they will not be added in random order, but should be added in the order that you select them. If this is not happening, you can report the bug to the official support channel here: http://on.be.net/GetHelp


                                                  Also - I want to let everyone know that we actually made a huge upgrade to our Project Editor and Project View about 2 months ago, a change that has been in the works for months, and addresses the main customer pain point: bigger images! Now, the first time, you can display your images up to 1200 px, and up to 1400 px at full-bleed. Here's more info on the improvements: http://blog.behance.net/teamblog/behance-now-bigger-than-ever


                                                  Talk to everyone soon.

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                                                    TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                                    Hi Sarah,


                                                    Thanks so much for responding.


                                                    In terms of the sort-order problems... here's what I remember from the last few times I tried it (I haven't bothered again, it's too much of a pain).  It's been a few months, so some of the details may be off.


                                                    1) I manage my photos in lightroom.  First I'll make a collection, and then I'll re-order the photos in the collection.  I believe that's what Adobe refers to as a "custom order".


                                                    2) I save jpgs of these files directly into a CC monitored directory on my PC.  From there they are uploaded to CC, and then I need to load them from CC into a "Project" in Behance.  This is the first place where sort order becomes an annoyance... although not an unexpected annoyance.  Through the loading process to CC and into Behance, my original "custom order" from Lightroom is lost.  Now, wouldn't it be wonderful if this were preserved?  If the custom order were preserved... that would mean that Lightroom and CC were actually working in tandem to support my workflow.  Wouldn't that be lovely? 


                                                    3) OK, so now I need to reorder the photos inside of a Behance project.  This is where the real fun begins... Sarah... have you actually tried to do this?  You edit the project, and then click the drop down on any photo and click "reorder".  This brings you to the truly awful reordering tool in Behance.  The problems with this tool are described in an earlier email.  I can only say, "Try It!", and be sure to have 2 dozen or so photos, and try to reproduce an order that you have in mind for your set of photos.  That's important.  Don't just randomly move a few photos here or there.  It's damn near impossible to accomplish this task without going crazy.  It's a usability issue.  Now... jump onto Squarespace and try the same task there.  It's simplicity itself.


                                                    Thanks, and I look forward to your reply!

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                                                      SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                      Hi Ken - sorry for the delay.


                                                      To address your main concern, I want to give you an early heads-up that we're going to be changing/improving the integration between Lightroom and Behance by Fall 2015. I agree that the connection has some workflow issues that you've outlined above, and the new experience will be a bit improvement. So, thanks for your patience in the meantime, and I'll be sure to provide timing updates as I get them.


                                                      In terms of the re-order tool, I expect this will be much less of a pain point when things are being imported closer to your expected order.


                                                      Talk to you soon!

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                                                        TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                                        Hi Sarah,


                                                        Thanks for your reply. Good news, mostly. I hope you're not implying that

                                                        the sort tool will remain the same. It's just so bad, and it would not be a

                                                        big problem to rewrite the entire thing.  It's amazing to see the care and

                                                        professionalism that go into Lightroom, and to then see how poorly behance

                                                        is treated. On the other hand, I do realize that behance was an acquisition

                                                        and that there are probably many competing camps within Adobe.


                                                        I was a beta tester for Lightroom mobile, feel free to add me to a behance

                                                        beta if you have one.


                                                        Again, thanks for the info!


                                                        On Tue, Jun 16, 2015, 7:32 AM SarahBehance1 <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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                                                          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                          No problem, we'll let you know if we have a beta testing program as we get closer to the feature!

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                                                            I have only been a spectator here as I don't have the time or urge to share my work, but I feel like I lean mostly towards Dribbble in terms of viewing other people's work. It's more simple and just contains pictures which you can browse, instead of all the small description text etc. It's lighter. In terms of how fast Behance has grown.. I was surprised to find out such a thing existed a year ago when I move to CC and it had such a big user base. I might start using Behance more here because of the filter system giving me better access to content I like to see.


                                                            In terms of a response to a user who said 'What a ripoff CC is', have you ever even used Adobe product series? I know there are lots of angles to the whole time-based subscription model:


                                                            Good: You always get the latest update, everything works, synchronized settings, good packages (for students), doesn't actually cost any more than the software packages sold earlier and released every 2nd year, lot less piracy propably

                                                            Bad: The new yearly upgrades don't really add anything useful atleast for me so basically if Adobe decides to slow down upgrading people will pay more in terms of work done in their part than what the previous sale model was like.


                                                            What I've seen when browsing Behance is that people don't often share their techniques in regards of how they've actually created the art in question. It is mostly digital so sharing that information would be facinating and many would like to try it out, but some people like to keep things secret and it's their right, but I find it to be selfish to some degree. Usually comments contain about 20+ requests on asking how they did it and the copy paste response of an artist is usually 'Thanks for the comments '' and nothing more. The second thing I find very irritating in comments is how people just link their own work on everybody elses comment section even though it has nothing to do with the work being commented on. It's like fishing for likes or w\e and pushing people your work presentations here and should be blocked.

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                                                              dedwardc Level 1

                                                              Yes. Behance is horrible. Not very user friendly, even for people with experience. Adding my rectangular logo was a nightmare. Requiring me to do a cover image for my project is ridiculous. Then when I create a cover image (an extra time consuming step), it didn't stick. Not only that... Behance changed my project title. After spending half a day on this, I am giving up. There are plenty of other options out there. And, they won't get hacked like Adobe does.

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                                                                TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                                                dedwardc,  Yeah I feel your pain. Been there done that.


                                                                Have you tried squarespace?  I think it's pretty good, and extremely user friendly.  I'd be interested to know which solution you choose.


                                                                Hopefully Behance will get some love from Adobe eventually ... one of these years.

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                                                                  dedwardc Level 1

                                                                  I did check out Squarespace today, but saw that it costs money, so I ran the other way. I am trying CarbonMade now (which has a free plan). It isn't very user friendly, either, despite two reviews saying it was the best and most user friendly and quickest way to get your stuff online. It's not very quick because you have to try to figure things out on your own. They put stuff in reverse order and say you can drag and drop to rearrange the order, but that doesn't work. I couldn't get Pinterest to work, either. I don't understand why these websites have to attempt to be so fancy and are so complicated to use. Just let me upload my stuff, add some text, and arrange it the way I want. Simple.

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                                                                    Rcls Level 1

                                                                    I got emails of this thread still going and like.. What? What does 'squarespace' have to do with Behance and Adobe? What solution? Seriously? You talking about building a portfolio? Learn to code like I did

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                                                                      dedwardc Level 1

                                                                      I know how to code. I, reluctantly, was doing this as a supposed quick way to get my portfolio online, while I take time to create my website and research web hosts. Turns out that researching web hosts is taking a lot longer than it should (due to fake review websites that are really getting paid as affiliates from the web hosts and due to web hosts not being fully transparent with information). Now, I am not so sure which will take longer.

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                                                                        TheHoaryHound Level 1

                                                                        Flickr is a viable solution as well. They've retooled their system, and it's free. It supports public and private albums, and they actually look quite nice. A great way to share images with clients (private albums). A bit quirky however.


                                                                        If you want free and you already pay for CC, then behance is probably the best bet for an online portfolio.  It holds the promise of eventually providing a seamless workflow from camera to Lightroom to behance, along with social elements. It has a lot of potential but it's very rough and overly complex at the moment.

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                                                                          dedwardc Level 1

                                                                          I'll check out Flickr. Although, every one I have tried, thus far, seem to be quirky. So, I don't know if Flickr will be any better.


                                                                          As far as Behance, you don't have to have CC to use it. You just have to create an Adobe ID. But, as I mentioned in my first post on this thread, Behance isn't user friendly and isn't even close to working properly. I shouldn't have to repeatedly try to do things to get them to stick. Behance has been around for a while and should have been fixed by now. But it is a free service provided by Adobe, so it will never be fixed. That has been my experience with Adobe (and several other companies, as well). Someone needs to remind them that free products are gateways to purchases. I tend to shy away from companies that can't even get their basic free products working properly (although, most of us are essentially stuck with using Adobe for now).

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                                                                            erickboileau Level 1

                                                                            Behance is the worst in this kind , I could even not post a photo , I give up
                                                                            500px flickr and instagram are working perfectly as expected

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                                                                              jennifer shoffef52985640

                                                                              I am having a similar issue, Erick. I created a new project folder today on my portfolio page and I am getting the "saving" message for what seems like forever, too. If I leave the page, it says it will cancel any edits I have. What is going on? I googled the problem and read that you had the same problem and frustration I had. (See below). I am curious and frustrated -- what can we do to get Behance to accept the changes and uploads to a folder without it taking forever to save or not working?

                                                                              • This is already a complete pain in the neck and Im not sure I want to continue ... choose the "upload to Behance" option in Illustrator and it doesn't upload .... Now I've got a "saving" message that has been spinning for 20 mins.
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                                                                                erickboileau Level 1

                                                                                I haven't tried again ,  did you try with safari or another browser ?

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                                                                                  SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

                                                                                  Hello Erik and Jennifer - please write to support at http://on.be.net/GetHelp and our agents will be able to work one-on-one with you on this to determine the problem. I looked up both of your email addresses and I see that you have not opened a ticket with our team. You'll hear back within a few hours and someone will be able to resolve the uploading problem for you.



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                                                                                    erickboileau Level 1

                                                                                    I have tried again  , I upload a photo , I change the title , I save ... I look into my portfolio : empty !

                                                                                    I have accounts on youpic,  flickr , leica-fotopark, tumblr, 500px, pinterest,   ...  they all work as expected


                                                                                    I don't want any support , it works or not  ... and it doesn't

                                                                                    I give up

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                                                                                      erickboileau Level 1

                                                                                      my files are 2048  width , 80% compression in Photoshop CS6 

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